Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day!

One of the things I am doing differently this year to be "better" is to not procrastinate as much!  I am the mom who is always shopping on Christmas Eve and the day before Easter.  I am the mom who is up until 3am the night before Valentine's Day because I waited until the last minute to get them done!  Well, not this year!  Getting a head start on it, starting now!  I have been scouring Pinterest like it's my JOB!  And I have found so so so many cute things that Corbyn and I may have a very difficult time deciding what to do!

This year, I guess I only have to do Valentine's for one kid's class since Caroline has moved on to Middle School.  It's just not cool, Mom. (Said with her eyes rolling as far back in her head as possible).

I wanted to share some of the super cute ideas I found with you in this post.  These are all great ideas for you and your child to make for their friends!

Cereal Box Valentine  These right now are a top contender! So cute and easy!
Goldfish Valentine  Love these!  Great "no candy" option.  Adorable!
Cupid's Arrow Valentines  Super cute!  Could use pencils instead of Pixie Stix for a "no candy" Valentine. 

Pop Rocks Valentine  Pop Rocks are always fun!
Here are some more "no candy" options:

Popcorn Valentines  These are also a top contender for me!  The link goes to this lady's etsy store, but you could certainly DIY these!  I know I will be!!

Crayon Hearts  Love these!  Especially for little ones!
Bookmark Valentines  Adorable! And Cheap!

 12 more No Candy Ideas!  More great ideas!
Star Wars Valentine  This link has some great ideas for boy's valentine cards including this super duper cute Star Wars one using a glow stick as a light saber!
Well, those were some of my fave finds from this week's Pinterest searching!  There are tons of ideas on there!  Would love to see what you do!  I'll post up pics of the ones we decide on!  Be on the look out for a husband themed Valentine post soon! 

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Love love love!


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