Saturday, January 25, 2014

Valentine Ideas For The Love In Your Life

I did a post a of weeks ago about Valentine cards for your kids to make!  Today, I'm going to focus on what we can do for our significant other.  I struggle with this every year!  Everywhere you look, there are red and pink hearts, flowers, chocolates and way over-sized stuffed animals!  Now, I don't know about about the love of your life, but my hubby has ZERO interest in any of that!  And he would probably be annoyed with me for wasting money on any of it!  So, it's time to get creative!  I found some wonderful things that will work for him, and maybe for you, too!

First of all: HEART SHAPED BACON!!  What man (or woman or child) doesn't love bacon???  This is the perfect way to start of the day of love!

And, you can serve that bacon with a bottle of juice with this super cute printable.

This next idea, I really love.  My husband and I have 3 kids and don't usually go out on Valentine's Day.  So this Cuddle Kit is so perfect!  You can put some of your favorite treats in it and have a romantic rendezvous after the kids go to bed!  I'm definitely doing this and my basket will include a furry new blanket, my fave wine and hubby's fave beer, some chocolate, some strawberries and maybe even a romantic movie!

The All About You Bucket is also super cute!  You fill a bucket with things he loves and things that remind you of him!  They even included a list of reasons why they love their spouse!  So cute!  I like this because it can really be personalized!
While searching Pinterest, I found so many great ways we can all spoil our significant other for Valentine's Day!  Coupon Books, Mini Bottle Bouquets, Personalized Guitar Picks; the options are endless!  So find what you feel your hubby will like best and go for it!  Everyone loves being spoiled every once in a while!


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