Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Morning Show Inspiration... #PimpinJoy

Every morning on the way to school, my seven year-old Corbyn and I listen to the Bobby Bones Show.  If I don't turn it on AS SOON as we get in the car, Corbyn is asking for it.  Even my toddler can sing the theme song.  Bobby and Amy are my favorite radio personalities ever. They are both so real, honest, open and, most of all, caring people.  And they are funny as hell!  I love that they both use this platform of radio and being in the public eye to raise awareness of things they are passionate about: animals, orphans, cancer patients.  I just love everything they stand for!

And today, I was inspired!  I have always had a compassionate heart.  I will do anything for anybody, give anyone the benefit of the doubt and I love doing things for other people.  It just makes me happy. 

Today's Bobby Bones Show was all about making other people happy and spreading joy.  Amy told us about her mother Judy, who is suffering from cancer, for not the first time.  And if anyone has a reason to not be "joyful" it's Judy.  But, according to Amy, Judy is all about spreading the love, or Pimpin' Joy!  Amy told us that when her mother is at the hospital, she always makes a point of complimenting other patients and doing kind things to brighten other people's days.  Judy wants her legacy to be that she made a difference, even if it's just to one person. She is truly an example that no matter what you are going through, you can CHOOSE JOY! 

And today, #PimpinJoy was born!  Inspired by Judy's mission to spread joy to others and her brilliant twitter handle, @JudyBePimpinJoy, Bobby and Amy are starting a great new thing!  The first week of March will be #PimpinJoy week.  It's all about spreading joy, being kind to others, brightening people's days and trying to make a difference for someone.  There is no specific charity involved and no money required!  Find what you are passionate about and do something!  They are also asking people to make tshirts that say #PimpinJoy and the name of your city and post pics to twitter!  Make sure you use #PimpinJoy to show your shirts and to let everyone know how you are spreading joy!

For more information:

The website will be up soon:  PimpinJoy
And make sure you follow everyone on twitter:

I'll post my pics here and on twitter!  Get your kids involved and get out and spread joy!   You better believe I'll be out #PimpinJoy!!


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  1. Love your post, but as someone who lost tbeir mom to cancer...my mom didnt SUFFER from cancer, she FOUGHT! She was a cancer fighter. Every Cancer patient I've ever met has been so full of life and love! I dont believe any cancer patient suffers they all FIGHT with a smile on their face and JOY in their hearts!!